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To get your online continuing education started right, it's important to properly prepare yourself and your home for the new endeavor. Here are some good ways to begin.

Understand the time commitment involved in online education

Sure, getting your college degree through an online education gives you more scheduling freedom - but each class you sign up for is also a time and energy commitment. Estimate how much homework and online time you will need to set aside each week, and make sure you account for this in your daily and weekly schedule. Generally, each online class will require between five to 20 hours of work per week, depending on the number of credits earned, the degree program and your previous knowledge on the subject.

Get the right equipment

It's crucial to have the right equipment and technology for your online education class. At the very least, you should have reliable access to an up-to-date computer and a high-speed Internet connection. Depending on the course or degree program, you may need other specific software too - some of which may be available to students through the school's website or server

Create a study station

Working from the comfort of your own home has its benefits - and its dangers! You'll need a private study area where you will be free from distractions and where you can set up your computer and other course materials. If you make a space apart from the hubbub of other activities and where others know not to disturb you, you'll be able to stay more focused and get the most out of your studying time

Make a daily routine

Setting up a daily studying routine will help you stay current with your course work and keep you from feeling swamped as deadlines approach. As part of this schedule, it's recommended that you log into your course at least three to five days a week to read new postings, respond to emails and look for new assignments and updates. Establishing a consistent and ongoing study rhythm will help you stay on top of your work, keep you connected to the class and give you the stamina you need to be successful.

Mark your calendar

Make a plan, and make your calendar your best friend. Write down each class's major deadlines, your weekly schedule and even your projected online degree completion dates. This will help you prioritize and budget time in the short-term, as well as help you keep moving forward towards your long-range goals.

Know your own learning style

You can boost the positive and minimize the negative when you know your own learning strengths, weaknesses and habits. Pick a distance learning format and study game plan that is best suited for you. If you know you tend to procrastinate, make sure you establish a solid study routine that will keep you on task. If you're inclined towards written communication and verbal exchange, the methods of most online education classes will already be well matched to your learning style.

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