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Common Myths About Online Degrees

Online programs are harder than on campus programs

Online programs are not more difficult than campus programs because they traditionally follow the same curriculum regardless of delivery format. In many ways, taking courses online can be easier because you set your study schedule. As a result, you will learn and process more information at a time you are ready to do so instead of sleeping through an 8 a.m. traditional campus class. Also, students who take courses online usually have the advantage of receiving instructors' lectures in written form.

Online programs are more expensive

The price of an online education varies widely. Students should expect to pay anywhere from a little less than $100 to more than $300 per credit, with average tuition for online programs offered by public universities generally falling in the $110-170 range. Additional registration or enrollment fees may also apply.

The advantage of distance learning is that it eliminates the higher out-of-state tuition; you don't have to pay high gas prices driving to and from a campus; and you won't have to pay parking fees or worry about paying expensive parking tickets.

Read a comparison of tuition prices for top distance learning online schools.

Online schools don't offer scholarships or financial aid

Students enrolled in distance learning programs are often eligible for the same types of scholarships and financial aid as students enrolled in traditional programs. But, as the website notes, be sure to check whether your distance learning MBA college has received accreditation from an agency that the US Department of Education (DOE) recognizes, because it may also qualify for federal financial aid programs. Read more about paying for an online college education.

Online colleges don't give credit for work experience

Students seeking to receive credit for work experience generally have one or two options, depending on the school you plan to attend. Many schools allow students to complete proficiency exams in lieu of course work in areas in which they have work experience or knowledge gained though independent study. Programs that focus on this scenario include:

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