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Criminal Justice & Legal

Defend the Constitution and Bring Criminals to Justice

With a degree in Criminal Justice, you will have the skills to participate in some of the most exciting and personally rewarding jobs in the world. People with degrees in Criminal Justice enforce the law, investigate crimes, collect evidence, protect others, help treat law offenders, and create rehabilitation plans and security plans. With a Criminal Justice degree you can specialize in criminal justice and law, global issues in criminal justice, law enforcement, and organizational and security management.

Criminal Justice Career Outlook

With a Criminal Justice degree, you will be part of an industry that boasts steady employment growth and great job security. Jobs will increase as our society becomes increasingly security conscious and as drug and computer-related crimes continue to grow. Jobs in this industry include:

Criminal Justice Required Job Skills and Knowledge

Most careers in the Criminal Justice industry require at least a diploma or associate degree. Employers look for candidates with good interpersonal and communication skills, strong problem-solving capabilities, as well as people who can maintain a professional and confident demeanor even in the most stressful situations. With a degree in Criminal Justice, you will learn how to conduct interviews, examine records, observe suspects, and participate in raids and arrests.

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