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Education Administration

Degree programs in Education Administration are designed to boost students' skills in the field and move them ahead in their careers. Starting with foundational courses in Education and Teaching, most programs then move into a specialization in Education Administration.

Education Administration Career Outlook

Excellent opportunities are available for educational administrators during the next decade as more and more educational administrators reach retirement age. People with Education Administration degrees work as:

Education Administration Salary Information

Retirement and benefits packages are usually excellent for people with degrees in Education Administration. Average earnings for people with Education Administration degrees are between $68,000 and $85,000 per year. Many become superintendents of school systems or presidents of colleges and universities.

Education Administration Required Job Skills and Knowledge

Most educational administrators must have at least a bachelor's degree and work experience in their desired field. Many were teachers or have other experience in the educational system. Employers look for people with good interpersonal, communication leadership and organizational skills. People with Education Administration degrees should understand school finance, law, curriculum development and community relations. Educational administrators are expected to be able to communicate professionally and effectively with students, teachers and parents.



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