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Instructional Technology

Design the educational programs that improve businesses everywhere

People with Instructional Technology degrees help businesses run more efficiently and help employees develop their technological skills. People with Instructional Technology degrees use their technology expertise to design instructional material, create more efficient workplace environments, improve the educational system and help implement good business practices. Instructional coordinators make sure educational programs comply with government regulations.

Instructional Technology Career Outlook

Excellent opportunities are available for people with Instructional Technology degrees during the next decade as more businesses and schools begin expanding their uses of technology and need experienced people to design materials and educate employees.
People with Instructional Technology degrees work as: Instructional material designers, instructional coordinators, educational consultants, instructional designers, and staff development specialists.

Instructional Technology Salary Information

Many people with Instructional Technology degrees enjoy working in a variety educational and business settings. Average earnings for people with Instructional Technology degrees are between $45,000 and $69,000 per year.

Instructional Technology Required Job Skills and Knowledge

People interested in Instructional Technology careers should be effective communicators and good teachers, and have excellent writing and speaking skills. They should be able to make good decisions about school curriculum or business technology, understand curriculum development, and understand research design and evaluation. They should understand computer technology as well as other educational technology. They should be able to find ways to use technology to enhance student learning and employee productivity.


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