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Global Business

Take your business skills around the world

The best business people know that thinking globally is important for the success of any company. As communication and computer technology develop and as more people begin to travel, the need for people with Global Business degrees who understand international business practices, have cultural sensitivity and understand the global economy increases.

With a degree in Global Business, you can specialize in global marketing, E-commerce and E-business, and global management; get your associate's degree in business; get your bachelor's degree in business administration or global business; get your MBA in global business; or get your doctorate in business administration.

Global Business Career Outlook

Global Business jobs are expected to increase faster than many other opportunities during the next decade. Businesses around the world are in need of people who understand the global economy and can demonstrate cultural sensitivity in order to improve the reach of the business and increase financial growth.

Specific Global Business jobs include: Business administrators, top executives, financial planners, consultants, securities and insurance, research and development, public relations and bankers.

Global Business Required Job Skills and Knowledge

Most Global Business jobs require at least an associate's degree. Understanding the commerce, economic laws, cultures and languages of other countries is especially beneficial. Graduates who have practical knowledge of computers and software related to their industry will be most competitive in the job market. Employers typically look for applicants with strong leadership and organizational skills, as well as some experience in management positions. People seeking careers in Global Business should have excellent people skills and great communication skills.


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