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Criminal Investigations

Online Degrees in Criminal Investigations

Degree programs in Criminal Investigations are designed to boost students' skills in the field and move them ahead in their careers. Starting with foundational courses in Criminal Justice & Legal and Criminal Justice, most programs then move into a specialization in Criminal Investigations.

Criminal Investigations Career Outlook

Jobs in the criminal investigations industry are expected to increase as our society becomes increasingly security conscious and as drug and computer-related crimes continue to grow. People with Criminal Investigations degrees work as:

Criminal Investigations Salary Information

The average earnings for people with Criminal Investigations degrees range between $45,000 and $80,000, and benefits are usually great. Advancements are in the form of salary increases and higher job status. Many people with Criminal Investigations degrees start their own businesses after a few years of experience. Also, many are able to retire early.

Criminal Investigations Required Job Skills and Knowledge

The best positions in this industry are given to people with a Criminal Investigations degree, which usually takes two to four years to complete. Job candidates are usually evaluated on their communication skills, investigational skills, and on their ability to maintain calm during confrontation. Most must undergo a background screening before being hired. With a Criminal Investigations degree, you will conduct interviews, examine records, observe suspects, and participate in raids and arrests. Good interrogation skills and a professional demeanor is important, especially when appearing in court and presenting evidence.


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