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Private Security Administration

Online Degrees in Private Security

Degree programs in Private Security are designed to boost students' skills in the field and move them ahead in their careers. Starting with foundational courses in Criminal Justice & Legal and Criminal Justice, most programs then move into a specialization in Private Security.

Private Security Career Outlook

As the demand for personal security increases, the demand for well-qualified people with Private Security degrees increases as well. The future of the private security industry looks great, with jobs continuing to increase into the next decade. People who earn Private Security degrees are employed by schools, hospitals, casinos, governments, private individuals, hotels and vacation resorts. They typically work as: Private security officers, security guards, private investigators, gaming surveillance officers, and armored car service officers.

Private Security Salary Information

Average earnings for people with a Private Security degree range from $25,000 to more than $39,000 per year, with managers and private security company owners making much more. Armed security guards typically enjoy higher salaries, better benefits and better retirement packages, and have more advancement possibilities.

Private Security Required Job Skills and Knowledge

Most states require that people working in the private security industry be licensed. A degree with licensing typically takes between six months and four years to complete. Employers look for candidates with good communication, problem-solving and investigational skills, and candidates who can remain calm and professional during stressful situations. Private security officers know how to administer first aid, use firearms, handle evidence, and write reports. They also have experience using computers and advanced surveillance equipment.


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