Experience a new way of learning through the innovative online experience at Ashford University and earn the Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master’s degree you've always wanted. The Ashford University experience provides:

Engaging curricula

Pursue a course of study that covers the full spectrum of modern knowledge – from eMarketing and Cognitive Studies to Sustainable Enterprise Management.

Modern digital tools

Many courses offer ways to study, learn, and share from a suite of digital materials. Plus you can keep in touch with professors and classmates while you're on-the-go with the Ashford Mobile app.

Vibrant community

The Ashford student body is a diverse family where everyone is welcome. Students, faculty, and alumni interact and support each other from across the country and the world. Social media allows everyone in the Ashford community to connect and network whenever you wish.

Cherished tradition

Ashford University is the perfect blend of tradition with 21st century vision. Commencement ceremonies are one important tradition at Ashford, when the campus in Clinton, Iowa welcomes thousands of students from across the country to receive their diplomas in person.

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Ashford University's Mission: To provide accessible, affordable, innovative, high-quality learning opportunities and degree programs that meet the diverse needs of individuals pursuing integrity in their lives, professions and communities.