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Technology Management

Use your technological know-how to manage any company

With the booming expansion of technology in every sector of the business world, companies everywhere are in need of managers with technological expertise. People with Technology Management degrees manage many aspects of a business, including its information systems, information technology, financial growth, and product development. They manage the design, creation, implementation and maintenance aspects of the technological portion of the business as well as overseeing its employees.


  As an online student at South University, you have access to the many benefits of South University - including excellence in education, personalized attention and more than 100 years of tradition - while enjoying the convenience of earning your bachelor's degree entirely online.
  Argosy University has earned the distinction of supporting one of the largest graduate student communities in the nation.
  Kaplan University's online degrees and distance learning programs do more than just teach you subjects. We emphasize teaching you how you can use the real-world information we provide in a meaningful way for your career.


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